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Google workers form union amid ongoing tensions with senior executives
Google workers form union amid ongoing tensions with senior executives
Credit: Alphabet Workers Union

Over 200 employees of Google and its parent firm Alphabet have formed Alphabet Workers Union amid increasing disagreements with the company’s senior executives, including the handling of sexual misconduct by former executives, Google's partnership with the Pentagon and the controversial departure of AI researcher Timnnit Gebru.

"We hope to create a democratic process for workers to wield decision-making power; promote social, economic, and environmental justice; and end the unfair disparities between TVCs (temporary, vendors and contractors) and FTEs (full time employees)," the union's website said.

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Facebook shows tool to suppress words like "unionize" in productivity tool Workplace
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Facebook wall decor Credit: Alex Haney

In an internal presentation that showed new features for Facebook's own productivity tool Workplace, the company presented a feature that helps employers control the content on the platform through blacklisting words. In the presentation "unionize" was used as an example, which sparked a backlash from Facebook employees leading to the presentation being taken down from the internal platform a day later. Karandeep Anand, a product manager for Facebook Workplace has apologized for using "unionize" as an example claiming that Facebook has no intention of "censoring users".