Uribe Trials

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Colombian Supreme Court imposes house arrest on former President Álvaro Uribe
Álvaro Uribe
Álvaro Uribe Credit: Antonio Cruz/ABr (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0)

The Colombian Supreme Court of Justice decided to impose house arrest against the former president, and current senator, Álvaro Uribe for the alleged crimes of bribery and procedural fraud.

Uribe confirmed the news through his Twitter account: "The deprivation of my freedom causes me deep sadness for my lady, for my family and for Colombians who still believe that I have done something good for the Homeland."

The case began in 2018 when the Supreme Court of Justice called Álvaro Uribe for investigation, considering that there was evidence that the former president, was allegedly trying to convince witnesses to retract the statements against him and in which they involved him with paramilitary groups.