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German retail: 5% increase in theft

In the German retail trade, the inventory differences have increased again. In the current study, the trade research institute EHI published a damage of €3.75 billion due to theft. If you add organizational errors such as incorrectly priced goods, the total damnages in 2019 have been around €4.4 billion. This makes for an increase of around 5% compared to 2018.

Germany, Bremen: Process over 157,000 stolen cigarillo sticks will end with deal

In 2014, a total of 10 to 15 people, including security guards who manipulated the alarm system, were said to have stolen 157,000 cigarillo sticks - worth almost € 3 million.

To speed up the proceedings, the accused, the public prosecutor and the court have agreed on a deal: Confessions will be rewarded with suspended sentences of between one and two months and two years. The verdict could be announced as soon as Thursday.

Munich store detective supports gang

A store detective for Saturn Munich supported thefts by deleting records of video surveillance and diverting his colleagues while gang members took the stolen goods to the car of the detective.

He and his accomplices have to face a charge of at least 2 years in prison.