District court Osnabrück: 2 years probation for embezzlement
Osnabrück Credit: Ramsch (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0)

A 70-year-old former security firm accountant was sentenced to a two-year suspended sentence on Wednesday. She had embezzled around €120,000 between 2013 and 2018 and used the money to pay private bills. Most of the money has been paid back already.

Germany, Leipzig: Ticket inspector chokes travelers
Germany, Leipzig: Ticket inspector chokes travelers
Credit: Twitter (Reproduction)

A video that was posted online on Twitter during the weekend shows a ticket inspector from Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (LVB), who had a man lying on the ground in a stranglehold for more than a minute.

Passersby tried to stop the ticket inspector from doing so, but he only let go shortly before the police arrived. After viewing the video material from the corresponding tram, the LVB initially suspended the employee from duty and condemned the behavior of the employee. Police are investigating.

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Germany, Burglary at "Green Vault": Technical deficiencies known since 2018
Grünes Gewölbe
Grünes Gewölbe Credit: Jörg Blobelt (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0)

The technical shortcomings at the Green Vault (German: "Grünes Gewölbe") in Dresden were known longer than previously thought. The managing director of the Saxon Real Estate and Construction Management (SIB) announced in a press interview that an exchange of the surveillance cameras had already been decided at the end of 2018. Due to complicated planning and ordering conditions, the exchange was only possible one and a half years later.

According to the current state of the investigation, the public prosecutor and the police assume that the perpetrators knew about this security vulnerability and were actively exploiting it. In 2019, 20 single pieces of the three larger jewel sets containing 100 pieces in total were stolen.

Germany, Halle (Saale): Unknown men attack security guard and kick his dog

A security guard and his dog have been attacked by two unknown perpetrators during an inspection tour in a shopping center. The men hit the guard with an object and after he went down, the strangers kicked the dog. Both suspects are unknown and still fugitive.

Austria: Trial against former police office for alleged illegal data harvesting
Austria: Trial against former police office for alleged illegal data harvesting
Credit: Plani (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0)

An Austrian court is currently investigating a potential data scandal. The background is the lawsuit against a former police officer who is said to have carried out more than 90 inquiries from the police network for no official reason.

In court, he defended himself that he only checked security company employees. The judgment is still pending.

Altenstadt: Security guard seriously injured
Altenstadt: Security guard seriously injured
Credit: / Markus Spiske

After trying to settle disputes among third parties in an asylum accommodation near Schongau, a security guard was attacked with a knife and seriously injured.

The police were able to arrest the suspect near the crime scene and investigated an attempted homicide.

Hamburg: Large-scale deployment of security services, police and fire brigade

After being warned of a burglary by a security service in Hamburg-Billbrook, the police searched for a fleeing perpetrator.

After an hour of search, the perpetrator was found hidden in a canal by the fire department and arrested by the police. The emergency serviced then treated the suspect for hypothermia. The police stated that they had an open warrant on the suspect in addition to the attempted burglary.

Wolfsburg: Trial begins after attempted murder

The trial against an 18-year-old has started in Wolfsburg, Germany. The prosecutor accuses him of attempting to murder a bouncer. The bouncer had denied the accused access to the club, whereupon the suspect pulled out a knife and stabbed the upper body and back of the bouncer several times. Thanks to his protective vest, the security guard remained unharmed.

Bamberg: Stopped investigation against security forces - complaint to the Federal Constitutional Court

In Karlsruhe, Germany a Senegalese asylum seeker and his lawyer lodged a constitutional complaint with the aim that the Bamberg public prosecutor's office would be obliged to resume the investigation. The background to this is an end of proceedings against several security forces at the Bamberg asylum accommodation, who allegedly have repeatedly attacked the applicant in September 2017.

However, the police then detained him and a friend. The case against the security forces had been closed for lack of evidence.

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New regulations for the security industry in Germany
Horst Seehofer being interviewed on November 2018
Horst Seehofer being interviewed on November 2018 Credit: Olaf Kosinsky / CC BY-SA 3.0 DE (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0)

Horst Seehofen (Minister of the Interior) plans to define new regulations with the change of responsibility for the private security industry.

A change of responsibility from the Federal Ministry of Economics to the Ministry of the Interior had already been agreed in the coalition agreement for the current legislative period and had long been expected by the industry. In particular, training, qualifications and equipment requirements are to be reorganized. The previous point of contention was the "guard register" that the Interior Ministry did not want to take over due to further weaknesses. In the future, the register will be the responsibility of the Federal Statistical Office.

Duisburg: Gay couple discriminated against by security guards

According to the German Covid-19 rules, a supermarket in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia could only be entered with a shopping cart. The exception was that spouses from one household can share a cart.

Despite the indication that homosexuals are also allowed to marry these days, the security guard did not let the couple in with one shopping cart. Even the deputy branch manager who was brought in was unable to influence the security force and obtain an apology. This was the third incident at Lidl for the couple concerned.

Brandenburg announces that external experts will check prison security

Following a flight attempt from the prison "Roter Ochse" by the shooter from Halle, the legal committee of the Magdeburg state parliament announced that an independent panel of experts should investigate the security in the prison. The deputy head of the institution is accused of having independently relaxed the strict security requirements of the Ministry of Justice.

At the end of May, the 28-year-old suspected terrorist shooter had managed to overcome a fence more than three meters high when he had free access inside the prison walls but then failed at the doors.

Attack with a chainsaw in Berlin unemployment office

After a verbal argument, because a 44-year-old wasn't able to cash a check at the Berlin unemployment office, the man threatened a security employee to come back with a chainsaw.

Fifteen minutes later he actually appeared in the company of a woman having a chainsaw in hands. Thanks to the quick action of the staff, the entrance to the unemployment office was closed and the police were able to find the perpetrators without anybody getting injured.

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Money transporter traps security guard inside

Due to a technical defect, the security measures of a money transporter became a trap for a security employee. The fire brigade had to move with heavy equipment and free the employee from the unventilated vehicle. The trapped security guard remained unharmed.

Germany: Four years and six months in jail for attack on bouncer

The regional court in Essen sentenced a 22-year-old to a four-and-a-half-year sentence for serious dangerous bodily harm to the disadvantage of a 47-year-old bouncer. The victim and full-time fireman lost an eye in the fight and sustained serious injuries.

Nördlingen assault in 2019 only faked

At the beginning of 2019, two attacks on a security employee in Nördlingen, Germany made headlines. The same employee had been attacked and injured in quick succession by an unknown person. Now it came out: the crimes were only faked. It is now being investigated against the security forces.

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Council of Europe: Security experts warn of bioterrorism

Security experts from the Council of Europe warn of a potential terrorism scenario that could come to the fore due to the social and economic effects of the corona crisis. Terrorist groups could be motivated to attack with biochemical weapons in the future, as Covid-19 has shown a global vulnerability to a pandemic according to them.

However, German security authorities had no information on an actual threat situation.

Security industry in Germany focus of tax fraud: Annual report of the main customs office in Rosenheim

The annual report of the main customs office in Rosenheim shows once again that the security industry in Germany is the focus of undeclared work: 50 companies were checked, and 20 people are still being investigated for social security fraud or subsidies.

The most extensive inspections took place during the "Audi Cup" in the Allianz Arena in Munich, where almost every second inspected security employee was in violation of regulations such as social security, immigration and trade laws.

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New technologies will substitute store security guards in Germany

With the challenge of controlling the physical distancing rules in German supermarkets, the need for security guards at the doors of local stores has increased. Now, more and more shops are planning on using technologies to regulate the number of persons inside shops. Aldi Süd, Media Markt and Saturn already have announced that they'll make use of people counting systems and virtual "bouncers" in all stores in Germany.