Rwandan Genocide

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Rwandan Genocide: French court grants access to Mitterrand's archive to researchers
Rwandan refugees located at Camp Kimbumba, Zaire, 1994
Rwandan refugees located at Camp Kimbumba, Zaire, 1994 Credit: TSgt. Marv Krause. United States Air Force - Official Photograph / Public domain

François Graner and association "Survie" won a long legal battle to gain access to former French president Mitterrand's archive on the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Mitterrand was president from 1981 to 1995. His archive was declassified in 2015 but upon request for access, Graner was told the presidential archive should remain secret.

Graner now was granted access by France's highest administrative court "to shed light on a debate that is a matter of public interest".

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Félicien Kabuga denies involvement in 1994 Rwandan genocide
Image of Félicien Kabuga
Image of Félicien Kabuga Credit: US Department of State (Public Domain)

In the 1994 Rwandan genocide Hutu militias killed over 800,000 Tutsis over the course of 100 days. One of the suspects, Félicien Kabuga, was arrested on May 16th in Paris for his involvement. Prosecutors are indicting him for genocide, incitement to commit genocide and arming the Hutu militias. Kabuga is protesting his innocence: “All of this is lies. I have not killed any Tutsis. I was working with them.” 

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Rwandan genocide key suspect arrested in France

Félicien Kabuga, accused of funding the massacres in Rwanda in 1994, was on the run for 25 years.

He has been arrested by the French police today near Paris where he was living under a false identity.

About 800 000 people were killed during the Rwandan genocide.

The French judicial authority should rapidly rule on sending Félicien Kabuga to The Hague international court.