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Legislators from all parties highlighted the figure of José Mujica, on his last day in the Senate
José Mujica
José Mujica Credit: Frente a Aratiri (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0)

"There is a time to arrive and there is a time to go in life." Thus began his final speech in the Senate, and thanked all the legislators who in these years have "endured" and with whom he shared "hard hours and others even funny."

Known worldwide as "the poorest president in the world", and until today a senator of Uruguay, he left his place at 85 years old and haunted by an immunological disease, receiving praise from his colleagues from all parties.

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Hello Kitty founder Shintaro Tsuji retires at age 92
Hello Kitty figures at an amusement park in Guangzhou, China
Hello Kitty figures at an amusement park in Guangzhou, China Credit: Zhang

The 92-year-old Shintaro Tsuji is retiring as chief executive from Japanese company Sanrio. Tsuji founded the company the Yamanashi Silk Center gift shop in 1960 and renamed it Sanrio in 1973. In 1974, Hello Kitty made its debut on a vinyl coin purse and was later featured on various items, including sneakers, panini makers and chopsticks. Shintaro Tsjui's grandson, Tomokuni Tsuji, will take over the business in July.