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Norwegian study shows black turbine blades reduced bird mortality by 72%
Smøla Wind Farm
Smøla Wind Farm Credit: Statkraft (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0)

A study led by the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research observed a reduction of 71.9% of bird deaths from turbine collisions if one of the three blades was painted black. The study was conducted at the Smøla wind farm, along the West Norwegian coast.

Bård Stokke, one of the study's lead authors, stated: "Our hope is therefore that these measures, given their positive effects on birds and the fact that they are relatively simple and low cost, will be used in future wind energy developments both in Norway and abroad."

Climate & Environment
Unilever announces it will invest one billion euros in climate change fund

Unilever Plc has announced that it plans to invest one billion euros over the course of ten years into a fund for climate change projects. The goal is to reduce all greenhouse gas emissions for the entire product offering to zero by 2039. The projects include reforestation and water preservation.

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The economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic must be a "green recovery" - Germany, UK

Spokespeople from Germany and the United Kingdom said that instead of investing "in technologies of the past" the recovery should be a "green and resilient" one that "leaves no one behind". The German Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Svenja Schulze, said that "Unlike in the fight against the coronavirus, we already know the vaccines for the climate crisis".

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IKEA announces that 70% of materials during 2018 have been renewable or recycled

The furniture retailer and producer from Sweden has announced that in their pursuit of using 100% materials that are renewable or recycled by 2030, they have reached the milestone of 70% in 2018.