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WhatsApp launches payment service in India
WhatsApp launches payment service in India
Credit: Courtesy of WhatsApp

After testing WhatsApp payments in India for some years, Facebook has been granted a legal permit to roll out the payment service across the country.

The service uses the Indian Unified Payment Interface (UPI) and users are able to make payments to any user using an app that is built on that standard.

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PayPal introduces annual fee for inactive users in some countries
PayPal introduces annual fee for inactive users in some countries
Credit: Courtesy of PayPal

With new usage guidelines coming into force on December 16 inactive users will be forced to pay a inactivity fee that will only be deducted from existing credit on the respective accounts.

If the available amount is not sufficient, then only the remaining credit is used up. Linked payment sources such as accounts or credit cards will not be accessed. The penalty will be twelve euros and it is not clear in which countries it will be introduced.

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Brazilian Central Bank halts WhatsApp’s payments service
Screenshots of WhatsApp Pay in Brazil
Screenshots of WhatsApp Pay in Brazil Credit: WhatsApp

Just a week after its launch in the country, WhatsApp Pay was suspended by the Central Bank of Brazil.

The bank authority released a statement suggesting it hadn’t had the opportunity to analyse WhatsApp’s payment service before its rollout, and that was a mandatory step before the service could be launched.

WhatsApp payments partners for in Brazil are required to suspend money transfers on the app or will face fines and administrative sanctions.

Former Wirecard CEO Markus Braun was arrested
Markus Braun
Markus Braun Credit: Wirecard

The former CEO of Wirecard AG, Markus Braun, was arrested on Monday evening. Braun had been detained on suspicion of inflating Wirecard's revenues and balance sheet to make it appear more solid and attractive for investors and customers.

Wirecard acknowledged on Monday that €1.9 billion in missing cash, around a quarter of the company's assets, probably never existed in the first place.