NSU 2.0 Investigation

Germany: New right-wing NSU 2.0 threatening letters

The lawyer Başay-Yıldız is said to have received threatening letters with the signature NSU 2.0 at the end of June, despite moving and having a private address. This could possibly have been done by another unauthorized data request within the Hessian police.

This report comes as a surprise because a few weeks ago the police reported an investigation into two suspects from Landshut.

Germany: First suspect in connection with NSU 2.0
Germany: First suspect in connection with NSU 2.0
Credit: Henning Schlottmann (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0)

A first warrant has been carried out in connection with the investigation into the threatening emails for the right-wing NSU 2.0 network. The apartment of a 63-year-old former police officer has been searched in Landshut (Bavaria). Three illegal firearms were found (1 pump gun and two handguns). The Attorney General's Office is now investigating a violation of the Arms Act.

Hesse: Beuth appoints new state police president, focus on NSU 2.0
State Minister of the Interior and for Sports Peter Beuth
State Minister of the Interior and for Sports Peter Beuth Credit: Sven-Sebastian Sajak (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0)

The new Hessian state police president Roland Ullmann and a special investigator are the reaction of the interior minister Peter Beuth to Udo Münch's resignation and the associated data and threat affair surrounding the right-wing extremist NSU 2.0 network.

In addition, the special investigator is to be integrated into the Hessian anti-terrorism center and the IT standards are to be reviewed and reinforced.

Hesse, Germany: State Police President resigns
Udo Münch
Udo Münch Credit: Polizei Hesse (Public Domain)

The Hessian state police chief Udo Münch resigns after a lack of investigation into a right-wing network within the police. In the past threatening emails to lawyers and left-wing politicians in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden have been sent by a network that describes itself as NSU 2.0. Münch has reportedly not investigated the possible connection of illegal data requests made from police computers with the threatening emails.

Udo Münch stated that missing out to inform the interior ministry promptly and with the necessary care did not happen with malicious intent, but stated that he will bear the consequences. He has asked to be transferred into early retirement.