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Takahiro Shiraishi, Japan's 'Twitter killer', has been sentenced to death for the murder of 9
Murder scene of Zama Suicide Pact Slayings in 2017 (Zama, Japan)
Murder scene of Zama Suicide Pact Slayings in 2017 (Zama, Japan) Credit: Asanagi, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Takahiro Shiraishi, who admitted to the murder of nine people he had befriended on Twitter, has been sentenced to death in Japan. Shiraishi strangled and dismembered eight women and one man over the course of three months. All of his victims had expressed suicidal thoughts prior to their death on Twitter, but "none of the nine victims consented to be killed, including by silent consent" so the the judge, Naokuni Yano, found.

Berlin police arrested a man suspected of cannibalism and murder
Berlin police arrested a man suspected of cannibalism and murder
Credit: mw238 (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0)

Berlin investigators have arrested a man on suspicion of murder and cannibalism, after discovering the bones of a man who disappeared in September. The 44-year-old victim, known as Stefan T., disappeared without a trace after leaving his apartment shortly before midnight in early September, in the Lichtenberg district of Berlin. On November 8th, people taking a walk found bones in a wooded area of the city's Pankow district, which turned out to be the remains of the missing man.

"The suspect had an interest in cannibalism," Berlin prosecutors' office spokesman Martin Steltner told The Associated Press.

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Mother allegedly killed her five children, then tried to commit suicide

A 27-year-old mother allegedly killed her five children in the west German town so Solingen. The grandmother called the police and officer later found the bodies of the children in the woman's apartment. The woman jumped in front of a train after but survived severely injured. Her oldest son was unharmed.

Brazil: Congresswoman charged with murder of husband who previously had been adopted by her and then became her son-in-law
Flordelis de Souza
Flordelis de Souza Credit: Fernando Frazão Ag.Brasil

The Brazilian congresswoman and evangelical leader Flordelis de Souza was charged Monday with ordering the execution of her husband Anderson do Carmo in June 2019. Do Carmo was shot more than 30 times, by Flordelis' biological son Flávio dos Santos.

In a message exchange with her son, Souza stated she could not get a divorce from her husband because that would "scandalize the name of God".

According to the police, the congresswoman has been trying to kill her husband since May 2018. Multiple times she put arsenic in his food.

Before marrying the congresswoman, Anderson do Carmo was adopted by her, then became her son-in-law while he was in a relationship with her biological daughter Simone.

Police said Souza’s motive was "a struggle for power and her financial emancipation."

Joseph James DeAngelo, the Golden State Killer, sentenced to life
Sketch of the Original Night Stalker, right: mugshot of Joseph DeAngelo
Sketch of the Original Night Stalker, right: mugshot of Joseph DeAngelo Credit: FBI, Sacramento Sheriff (Public Domain)

Joseph James DeAngelo, the former police known as the Golden State Killer, was sentenced Friday to life without possibility of parole.

DeAngelo, that pleaded guilty to 13 murders and 13 rape-related charges, but also admitted to dozen more crimes that were beyond the statute of limitations.

Sacramento Superior Court Judge Michael Bowman said: "When a person commits monstrous acts they need to be locked away where they could never harm another innocent person."

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German prosecutor accuses Russia of ordering Georgian's murder in Berlin park

Germany top prosecutor have now confirmed that he will seek to prove in court that a Georgian man murdered in Berlin last year was a hit ordered by the Russian government.

On August 23, 2019, a Russian man allegedly murdered a 40-year-old Chechen with Georgian citizenship with three shots in Berlin's Kleiner Tiergarten. The suspect was caught a few hours later, after being seen throwing a wig, a bicycle and a gun into the river Spree.