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EU Commission presents plans for EU asylum system reform
EU Commission presents plans for EU asylum system reform
Credit: Amio Cajander / Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0)

The European Commission has presented plans for faster asylum procedures at the external borders, more deportations and the appointment of a "repatriation coordinator".

In case of high refugee numbers, all member states are to be obliged to show "solidarity" with the countries of arrival - be it through the reception of refugees or through assistance with deportations. At the same time, the Commission is planning more legal possibilities for immigration.

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Mexico Demands U.S. Investigation into Alleged Forced Sterilizations at ICE Jail

At least six Mexican woman may have had unwanted hysterectomies at the Irwin County Detention Center. Mexico’s government is demanding U.S. authorities to investigate allegations.

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Heavy fires break out in refugee camp Moria

The refugee camp Moria has heavily suffered from multiple fires that were fanned by strong winds. Many of the 12,000 migrants and refugees living in the camp have fled to surrounding areas or started making their way to Mytilini, the capital of the island Lesbos.

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Stuttgart is discussing a structured survey of the migration background
Stuttgart is discussing a structured survey of the migration background
Credit: NTV (Reproduction)

The criminologist Tobias Singelnstein criticizes the collection of the "family tree" among the identified perpetrators of the riots in Stuttgart. In juvenile criminal law - which will probably be used these cases - due to the educational concept, it is necessary to find out about family backgrounds, but the immigration background demonstrably does not say anything about the crime.

He is facing headwind from CDU politicians who justify this investigative approach by the fact that it could initiate preventive measures.

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Portugal government announces to treat migrants as residents during Covid-19 pandemic

In order to allow migrants and asylum seekers, that are currently living in Portugal, access to the public services of the country during the coronavirus pandemic, the government has announced to treat them as residents. Being treated as such they can use social security services such as healthcare or welfare, but also open bank accounts, close rental contracts and work. The only requirement is an ongoing request for residency.