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Māori party wants to change New Zealand name to Aotearoa
New Zealand Maori rowing ceremonial coreography
New Zealand Maori rowing ceremonial coreography Credit: Jorge Royan (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0)

New Zealand's Māori Party stated Monday the country should be renamed "Aotearoa" by 2026, to better reflect the country's indigenous culture. Rawiri Waititi, a candidate Waiariki on next months' election was "a bold move towards making Te Reo Māori a language for all of Aotearoa".

Aotearoa means 'the land of white cloud' in the nation's indigenous language, also known as te reo.

Both English and Māori are official languages in New Zealand. The Maoris are the largest ethnic minatory, representing 16.5 per cent of the population.