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US judge blocks USPS changes that slowed mail
United States Postal Service logo on a post box
United States Postal Service logo on a post box Credit: Ismail

Judge Stanley Bastian has temporarily blocked the US Postal Service and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy from changing USPS policies or protocols before the November election. Recent changes have slowed mail nationwide, in what Judge Bastian called "a politically motivated attack on the efficiency of the Postal Service".

"Although not necessarily apparent on the surface, at the heart of DeJoy's and the Postal Service's actions is voter disenfranchisement. This is evident in President Trump's highly partisan words and tweets, the actual impact of the changes on primary elections that resulted in uncounted ballots, and recent attempts and lawsuits by the Republican National Committee and President Trump's campaign to stop the States' efforts to bypass the Postal Service by utilizing ballot drop boxes, as well as the timing of the changes," so the Judge in a statement. "It is easy to conclude that the recent Postal Services' changes is an intentional effort on the part of the current Administration to disrupt and challenge the legitimacy of upcoming local, state, and federal elections, especially given that 72% of the ... high speed mail sorting machines that were decommissioned were located in counties where Hillary Clinton received the most votes in 2016."

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Trump campaign calls federal judge to stop election officials in New Jersey from counting mail-in ballots

In a new filing, the reelection campaign of Presiden Donald Trump asked a federal judge to prevent mail-in ballots to be counted by New Jersey election officials beginning 10 days ahead of Election Day until a lawsuit is settled.

In addition, the campaign asked the federal judge to bar elections officials from accepting mail-in ballots that do not have a postmark for two days after election day.

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Illinois declares election day a state holiday, expands vote by mail
A permanent outdoor ballot box
A permanent outdoor ballot box Credit: Joe Mabel / CC BY-SA (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0)

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed two new laws to make it easier for residents to vote. New voters will be able to apply for a vote-by-mail ballot via a modified voter registration system, and all registered voters should receive their ballot by October 6, if their VBM application is submitted by October 1.

Additionally, the state has declared election day as a state holiday, meaning Government offices will be closed on November 3, 2020.

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All Californian voters will receive mail-in ballots following executive order

Following the health concerns of in-person voting due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Californian Governor Gavin Newsom has signed an executive order that requires the state to sent mail-in ballots to all registered voters in the state for the general election in November 2020.

In addition to this, the counties are directed to still provide voting locations for in-person voting. People then can decide how they want to vote.

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California first state to allow mail-in ballot for presidential election

California state will send out mail-in ballots for the upcoming presidential election to every registered voter, so Governor Gavin Newsom. In-person voting will still be possible and Alex Padilla, Secretary of State, said that they "remain committed to providing as many safe, in-person opportunities to vote as possible on and before Election Day". California is the first state to offer mail-in ballots for the November election.