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Democracy activists' books disappear from Hong Kong libraries after new law
Democracy activists' books disappear from Hong Kong libraries after new law
Credit: Twitter Reproduction

Books written by prominent Hong Kong pro-democracy figures, including Joshua Wong and lawmaker Tanya Chan, have started to disappear from the Chinese-ruled city’s public libraries. According to Reuters, the books are being reviewed to see whether or not they violate a new national security law.

On Twitter, Joshua Wong wrote "Less than a week after #NationalSecurityLaw has been put in place, #Hongkong's public libraries started to put books under review and suspend them from lending, including two of mine published in 2013 and 2015.".

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NYC libraries to reopen as early as July
The New York Public Library
The New York Public Library Credit: © Ashley Winkler, Pendect

New York City libraries, which experienced a surge in sign-ups since March, announced their reopening plans for their 92 branches. Libraries will reopen as early as July in a slow and deliberate multi-step process.

"There is going to be a lot of prep time at our facilities for our custodial staff and our IT teams to go out to each of our 60 libraries to see how we can reconfigure workspaces and place floor decals and safety signage before we even start bringing the public and service staff in. Once we figure that out and the commutes are nailed down and we have enough staff, we will slowly open the doors for a limited amount of service to the public," so Nick Higgins, Chief Librarian at Brooklyn Public Library.

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Non-profit Internet Archive provides free access to 1.4 million books

Announcing a "National Emergency Library" the non-profit organization Internat Archive makes 1.4 million books online for free. The organization stated that the measure was taken in order to provide "a global community of displaced learners" with access to learning materials. The collection mainly contains digitalized books that don't have an ebook version available.