Juan Carlos Corruption Investigation

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Juan Carlos, former king of Spain has allegedly left country over corruption investigation
Archive picture from 2007
Archive picture from 2007 Credit: Image by א (Aleph) (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5)

According to Spanish media the former king of Spain Juan Carlos has left the country. "La Vanguardia" and "ABC" state that he has allegedly traveled trough Portugal and to the Dominican Republic.

The Spanish royal court has published a letter by Juan Carlos where he tells his son about his intentions to move into a foreign country. The alleged move into the Dominican Republic happens while Carlos is under investigation for possible corruption and tax fraud after allegedly having gotten $100 million in bribes from Saudi-Arabia for the building of a high-speed train route in Saudi-Arabia by a Spanish syndicate.

During the regency a Spanish king is granted immunity. Carlos has forfeited the title in 2014.