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Three unknown perpetrators attack homeless man and burn his tent in Berlin
Three unknown perpetrators attack homeless man and burn his tent in Berlin
Credit: unsplash.com / Mika Baumeister

Three unknown persons allegedly attacked a homeless man in Berlin-Britz and set fire to his belongings. The youths or young men allegedly chased the 59-year-old from his tent in the park on Gutschmidtstraße on Friday evening, according to police on Saturday. Afterward, they allegedly beat and kicked him with sticks. According to the report, he initially fled. When he returned, his tent was on fire. Two hours later, another tent of a homeless man burnt down nearby.

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Four homeless men win the lottery with gifted scratchcard in France

Four homeless people in the French city of Brest won 50,000 euros with a scratchcard handed to them. The four men were begging outside a lottery shop when a departing customer handed them a scratchcard purchased for one euro.

The French lottery operator FDJ released a statement that said: "What a surprise for the four young men when they discovered a win not of five euros, but 50,000 euros."

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Madrid will reopen hotel for homeless people with Covid-19
Representative image of a hotel room
Representative image of a hotel room Credit: unsplash.com / reisetopia

The Community of Madrid will reopen a hotel in the Las Tablas neighborhood where homeless people with mild covid-19 symptoms who have no housing resource to isolate themselves will stay.

These people will be referred by the municipal social services to stay in this hotel, with 120 beds, which will have health and social services personnel.

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City of Las Vegas turns parking lot into homeless shelter

The authorities in Las Vegas repurposed an empty parking lot into a makeshift shelter for homeless people after a normal shelter was forced to close following the coronavirus pandemic. The parking lot has been divided into different spaces with paint to mark social distancing boxes for the people. In addition to this, volunteers from Touro University have started laying out blue mats that can be power washed to clean them after usage.