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Sudan: Ancient pyramids threatened by rising Nile water levels

Due to heavy rains, the Nile water levels have risen, threatening to damage Sudan's 2,300 year old pyramids. The Nile has reached record-breaking levels, already killed around 100 people and destroyed the homes of many. According to archaeologist Marc Maillot sandbag walls have been built and water is being pumped out to protect the pyramids.

Climate & Environment
Three Gorges Dam in China nears maximum, already 20 meters higher than warning level
Three Gorges Dam in 2019
Three Gorges Dam in 2019 Credit: 維基小霸王 (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0)

After rainfalls in the Yangtze basin that are over double the average per season, the Three Georges Dam has reached a 165,6 meters water level, 20 meters above the official warning levels, and two meters up overnight.

The current discharge volume has been set to 48,800 cubic meters per second on Thursday in an attempt to lower water levels. The dam is designed to a maximum water level of 175 meters.

Desiree Tullos, a professor at Oregon State University has stated that "an overtopping dam is a worst-case scenario because it produces significant damage and can lead to the entire thing collapsing" adding that the authorities "will do everything they can to prevent the dam from overtopping".