Norwegian police arrests suspect in 1982 attack on Jo Goldenberg restaurant in Paris
Restaurant Jo Goldenberg in 2005
Restaurant Jo Goldenberg in 2005 Credit: David Monniaux

The Norwegian police have arrested a man suspected to take part on the August 1982 attack on the Jo Goldenberg restaurant in Paris. The attack killed six people and wounded more than 20 others.

The man immigrated to Norwegian in the 1990s and is accused of being a former member of the Abu Nidal Organization. In 2015 French authorities issued an arrest warrant against him, but Norway denied the extradition request on the grounds the country would not extradite its citizens.

As Norway recently adopted new pan-European regulations on arrests, French prosecutors decided to request the extradition for a second time. A legal process will determine if formal grounds for extradition have been met, and if he is tried, any judgment will be by a French court.