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US: Powell announces new Fed approach to inflation that could keep rates lower for longer

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell announced a major policy shift Thursday to "average inflation targeting."

That means the central bank will be more inclined to allow inflation to run higher than the standard 2% target before hiking interest rates.

"Many find it counterintuitive that the Fed would want to push up inflation," Powell said in prepared remarks. "However, inflation that is persistently too low can pose serious risks to the economy."

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Armenia government approves social development help from Japan
Representative image of an ambulance
Representative image of an ambulance Credit: / RAYMOND Wong

The government of Armenia has approved a law to ratify an agreement between Japan and Armenia with the aim to develop the economic cooperation of the countries.

According to the agreement Japan will provide a grant for economic and social development purposes worth around $3,7 million. The Armenia government has committed to use the funds to purchase four-wheel ambulances and vehicles to provide remote regions with improved medical care.