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Streamer Dr Disrespect teases possible comeback on YouTube
Streamer Dr Disrespect teases possible comeback on YouTube
Credit: PUBG n8bit (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0)

After being banned from Twitch three weeks ago Guy Beahm, mostly known under his alias "Dr Disrespect", stated in an interview with PcGamer that Twitch has stopped contact with him and hasn't provided a reason for his permanent ban from the platform. He said that he is considering legal action against the streaming platform, but won't return in case his ban gets revoked in the future.

He also stated that wants to get back to streaming and while he considers other providers like YouTube and Facebook, he's also looking into streaming on his own website.

Shortly after the interview, he published a video on his Twitter account and added a link to his YouTube profile on his Twitter profile as the first actions on the platform since his ban.

The video plays a song with the lyrics:
"it's out of my hand
but I'm still in control
it's out of my hand
you can never take away
power of my soul"