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The U.S. added Cuba back to the list of state sponsors of terrorism
Mural in Havana, Cuba
Mural in Havana, Cuba Credit: flippinyank (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0)

The Trump administration added Cuba to a list of state sponsors of terrorism Monday, reversing a signature policy move of the Obama administration and potentially hampering President-elect Joe Biden’s ability to broker a rapprochement to Havana quickly.

A U.S. economic embargo of Cuba already curbs Americans’ ability to do business with or visit the communist island. But the new terrorism label could hinder commercial deals with third countries. Cuba relies on to import essential goods and turn off foreign investors in its all-important tourism industry.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Cuba of "repeatedly providing support for acts of international terrorism in granting safe harbour to terrorists."

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Trump administration orders Marriott to close hotel in Cuba
Four Points by Sheraton Havana
Four Points by Sheraton Havana Credit: Marriot (Company website reproduction)

Reuters reports that the Trump administration ordered Marriott International to wind down hotel operations in Cuba by the end of August.

Marriott currently operates "The Four Points by Sheraton Havana" hotel in the Cuban capital.

“We have recently received notice that the government-issued license will not be renewed, forcing Marriott to cease operations in Cuba,” a company spokeswoman told Reuters.