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After a new Covid-19 outbreak, Uruguay enforces contact tracing app for public transport users

In a response to the newest Covid-19 outbreak in the country, the Uruguayan president told that CoronavirusUy, the official coronavirus mobile app, would be mandatory when using public transport.

It was also announced all patients and medical staff from Montevideo and Canelones states would be tested for Covid-19, and no one will be able to visit Uruguay without a negative test for the new coronavirus.

Uruguayan government reported a total of 32 new cases Tuesday.

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German Covid-19 contact tracing app cost €20 million
German Covid-19 contact tracing app cost €20 million
Credit: Robert Koch-Institute, via App Store

Corona-Warn-App, the German Covid-19 contract tracing app by the Robert Koch-Institut, allegedly cost 20 million euros to develop, according to AP News. The presumed monthly costs are between 2.5 and 3.5 million euros, which includes manual tracing.

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Germany releases Covid-19 warn app
Campaign image for the Corona-Warn App
Campaign image for the Corona-Warn App Credit: Bundesregierung Deutschland

The German government has released an app for both iOS and Android to help tracing new Covid-19 infections and warn people that have been in contact with others that have been tested positive. The source code for the application is publically available in order to ensure that there are no privacy concerns. According to the FAQ section the users personal data will remain anonymous at all times and for the registration no personal data needs to be provided.

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Singapore announces wearable device for Covid-19 tracing
San Marina Bay, Singapore
San Marina Bay, Singapore Credit: Mike Enerio

In order to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, Singapore has announced that it'll launch a wearable Bluetooth based device to track the spread of the coronavirus. This comes after the developed apps sometimes have connection problems when running in the background of the phones and is a step towards higher inclusivity as not every person is the possession of a smartphone.

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France: StopCovid contact-tracing app released
StopCovid App
StopCovid App Credit: StopCovid France, Gouvernement Francais; Mockup via AhmED ElqSas

StopCovid is available to download in France since June 2nd. The app uses Bluetooth to connect with nearby phones. If someone tests positive for coronavirus, the app will alert people who had been in contact with that person. The app sparked a lot of debate over privacy issues and laws.