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American Red Cross starts tests for Covid-19 antibodies in blood donations
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Press Release Image Credit: American Red Cross / Website

The American Red Cross has announced that it'll test "all blood, platelet and plasma donations for COVID-19 antibodies" for a limited amount of time.

The goal is to give donors feedback if they have been exposed to the virus. Patients will be able to see their test results through the Red Cross Blood Donor App or at their donor portal at

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Lufthansa to offer Covid-19 testing at Frankfurt and Munich airports
Lufthansa to offer Covid-19 testing at Frankfurt and Munich airports
Credit: Miguel Ángel Sanz

Starting on early July Lufthansa plans to offer Covid-19 tests at airports in Frankfurt and Munich. An outsourced company will conduct the tests, and results will be available within four hours.

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UK's Covid-19 Test & Trace System Faulty
Illustration of Covid-19 Testing
Illustration of Covid-19 Testing Credit: United Nations COVID-19 Response

According to reports of The Independent, UK's newly launched Test & Trace Computer System is experiencing access troubles. Several NHS nurses weren't able to log into the system, leaving them unable to work. Meanwhile, Matt Hancock has denied allegation suggesting the tracing system was a scapegoat to distract from the controversy surrounding Dominic Cumming.

Dogs taught to recognize smell of Covid-19 infections
Dogs taught to recognize smell of Covid-19 infections
Credit: Eff

In a pilot study by the University of Helsinki, researchers have taught dogs to pick up on the smell of Covid-19 infections. According to the study, it took only a few weeks until the first dogs were able to distinguish urine samples from Covid-19 patients from the urine of healthy individuals. As a next step, a randomized, double-blind study with a larger scale of samples will be prepared.

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Wuhan has completed over 2.4 million tests for Covid-19 in two days

The Chinese city of Wuhan, where the Covid-19 originated, has successfully tested around 2.4 million people in just two days. The city council had ordered the mass testing with the goal to find hidden carriers and prevent a second wave of outbreaks, as the lockdown in the city has been eased. Wuhan plans on continuing the testing with the aim to test all 11 million residents.

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Argentinean researchers developed a fast and low-cost Covid-19 test

Five researchers from Argentinean CONICET have developed NEOKIT-COVID-19, a new kit to test for Covid-19 in less than two hours.

Argentinean Health Ministry expects the first 10,000 tests to be produced in the next 10 days, while capacity should be ramped up to 100,000 weekly tests in the short term.

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Spanish study estimates 5% of population affected by Covid-19

A study, by the Carlos III Health Institute and the National Statistics Institute, estimates that about 5% of the overall Spanish population had contracted the novel coronavirus. This estimation is about 10 times higher than the actual tally of diagnosed cases suggests.

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Wuhan plans on testing all 11 million residents for Covid-19

The different city districts of Wuhan have been ordered to submit plans on how to test their whole population within ten days. The city plans to test all of its 11 million citizens while focusing on vulnerable groups and real estate compounds first.

German slaughterhouse conglomerate Westfleisch reports hundreds of Covid-19 infections

German slaughterhouses in various cities have reported multiple Covid-19 infections. Employees of slaughterhouses of the meat processing conglomerate Westfleisch have been tested positive for Covid-19 – 150 in Coesfeld, 33 in Oer-Erkenschwick and over 1000 workers from the slaughterhouse in Hamm have to be tested for a potential infection.

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Mike Pence won't self-quarantine and go back to White House this week

The spokesperson of the vice president, Devin O'Malley has announced that Mike Pence won't go into self-quarantine after his press secretary has been tested positive for the coronavirus. While the vice president plans on coming to the White House on Monday, his schedule will most likely not contain as many appointments as normal.

Anthony Fauci to self-quarantine

After multiple people in the Trump White House tested positive for Covid-19, Anthony Fauci alongside two other Covid-19 taskforce members have gone into self-quarantine. So far, they have been tested negative for Covid-19 and will continue to work remotely.

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Fiorentina confirm three players and three staff members have tested positive for Covid-19

Fiorentina, an Italian Serie A soccer club, announced today three players tested positive for Covid-19 as well as three members of the back-up staff.

The club says the six persons will remain in self-isolation, with first-team training activities hoped to resume this week for the rest of the squad.

Fiorentina became the second Serie A club to confirm a player has coronavirus after Torino announced a positive test yesterday.

France reports that first local patient had been infected with Covid-19 in December

The head of emergency medicine at the Avicenne and Jean-Verdier hospital near Paris has stated that a patient, that has been treated for suspected pneumonia in December, was actually infected with Covid-19. On the 27th of December, a swab was taken and recently tested for the coronavirus. The test came back positive, but it is unclear where the patient has gotten the virus since he stated that he did not travel to foreign countries previous to the hospital treatment. The patient has since then recovered.

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Malaysia eases lockdown and makes testing of foreign workers mandatory

The Malaysian government is allowing businesses to reopen after the lockdown had been in place since the 18th of March. In order to combat the spread of the coronavirus, all foreign workers are now required to undergo mandatory testing after a new cluster of infected people was detected over the weekend. The cluster was detected near Kuala Lumpur at a construction site and multiple of the positively tested people were forgein workers.

LA now offers Covid-19 testing to every resident for free
LA now offers Covid-19 testing to every resident for free

Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti announced free Covid-19 testing for every LA resident – whether they show symptoms or not. He stated that "Los Angeles will become the first major city in America to offer wide-scale testing to all of our residents, with or without symptoms". Residents can sign up online to get tested. Test capacities are being increased to handle the expected surge. LA residents can also get tested multiple times in a row, but the mayor's office advised against getting tested daily.

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CDC adds six symptoms to its COVID-19 List

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has added six new symptoms to its existing list of symptoms for COVID-19.

The CDC has long said that fever, cough, and shortness of breath are indications that someone might have the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. It has now added more conditions that may come with the disease: chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, and new loss of taste or smell.

Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus. Also, this list is not all-inclusive, and the CDC recommends consulting a medical provider for any other symptoms that are severe or concerning.

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Study finds Brasil to likely have 12 times more cases of coronavirus than reported
Press conference of the Brazilian Health Ministry
Press conference of the Brazilian Health Ministry Credit: Marcos Corrêa/PR (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0)

A study released by researchers at a consortium of Brazilian universities and institutes states the country likely has 12 times more cases of the new coronavirus than are being officially reported by the government.

As the country suffers from too little testing and the long wait to get test results, researchers examined the ratio of cases resulting in deaths through April 10 and compared it with data on the expected death rate from the World Health Organization.

Year to date, the number of hospitalizations for severe respiratory symptoms has been over three times higher than usual for this season, but only 12% of those have been confirmed as COVID-19.

The supreme court of India has ruled that Covid-19 testing has to be free

The supreme court of India has ordered that the government takes the necessary actions immediately, after ruling that all testing for the coronavirus must be done free of charge. This includes tests in both private and government laboratories.

Germany surpasses 1 million Covid-19 tests

The German Robert Koch Institute has announced that the country has tested 920,000 people alone in March and reaching the 1 million mark in total. In the last week of March alone over 350,000 people were tested.

Bosch develops Covid-19 test that provides results in 2,5 hours without laboratory

The German engineering company Bosch has developed a rapid Covid-19 test that fulfills the requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO) and has an accuracy of over 95 percent. The rapid test can be used on-site by medical personal not trained for the laboratory and only needs a "Bosch Vivalytic analyzer" device. It takes less than two and a half hours to get the test results after the sample is taken.

Iceland’s mass testing finds half of carriers show no symptoms of Corona

In an effort to test every citizen in Iceland, authorities claim that they had tested a higher proportion of the citizens than anywhere else in the world. Instead of testing only people with symptoms, Iceland tests everyone. So far they have tested 10,300 people of a total population of 364,000. “Early results from deCode Genetics indicate that a low proportion of the general population has contracted the virus and that about half of those who tested positive are non-symptomatic, the other half displays very moderate cold-like symptoms.” Thorolfur Guðnason, Iceland’s chief epidemiologist said.