Covid-19 Recoveries

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Google announces "digital jobs program" funding 100,000 scholarships for career certificates
Google announces "digital jobs program" funding 100,000 scholarships for career certificates
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Google has announced that it will fund 100,000 scholarships for career certificates of their own "Google Career Certificates" program in order to "help Americans get qualifications in high-paying high-growth job fields".

The goal is to educate people on a need-basis through their online program in order to "help America's economic recovery". In addition, the technology company has announced that it'll commit $10 million in job training grants distributed through multiple organizations for communities throughout America.

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New Zealand reports zero Covid-19 hospitalisations
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
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New Zealand's newest Covid-19 update reports zero Covid-19 hospitalisations and no new positive cases in the past five days. Dr Ashley Bloomfield, Director-General of Health, reported the release of the last hospitalised patient today. The number of people infected with the novel Coronavirus is down to 21.

Study suggests that plasma transfusions from Covid-19 survivors could boost survival rates of other patients

A study conducted by the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York suggests that a blood transfusion from patients that previously had recovered from Covid-19 could improve the survival rates of other patients. The study compares the health of 39 patients that had received the transfusion with 39 patients who didn't and was published on medRxiv in a preprint state - meaning that it still has to undergo peer-review by other researchers. The study also hasn't been randomized, but according to the researchers the study "does show promise that convalescent plasma is effective" as the research is still going on.

113-year-old woman in Spain beats Covid-19

Maria Branyas, who's believed to be the oldest woman in Spain, has beaten the coronavirus. She was diagnosed positive in March and consequently isolated herself, suffering only from mild symptoms. Her daughter had tweeted that "she is well" and her old self again.

Four your old boy with previous cancer condition has recovered from Covid-19

After being diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma in January 2019, the four-year-old boy has successfully recovered from the coronavirus. The boy was in the hospital for six days and is now at home with his parents.

Regional News • Americas • Canada
Sophie Grégoire Trudeau announces that she has recovered from the coronavirus

In a Facebook post Sophie Grégoire Trudeau has announced that she has successfully recovered from the coronavirus. Her husband and prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has said that his family had self-isolated for the recommended 14-day quarantine period, but will continue to stay at home during the pandemic.

101 year old man from Italy has recovered from coronavirus

A man from the Italian city Rimini, who was born in 1919 during the Spanish flu pandemic, has recovered from the coronavirus. The deputy mayor of the town, Gloria Lisi, has announced that the man is back with his family after being tested positive for Covid-19 and admitted to the hospital in the last week.