Covid-19 Intensive Care

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World Medical Association warns of attacks against hospital staff

With clinic and health personnel needed more than ever due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the World Medical Association warns of increasing attacks against medical personnel.
According to the association inappropriate anger, fear and misinformation could be the greatest drivers of violence during the pandemic.

Politics • Asian • Russia
Fire in Russian hospital started with a ventilator short-circuit

A fire that killed five people in the intensive care unit at St George Hospital, in St Petersburg, apparently started by a short-circuit in a ventilator.
According to Russia's NTV news website, the fire did not spread beyond one Covid-19 ward on the sixth floor, and doctors were quoted saying a short-circuit caused one ventilator "literally to explode".

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Boris Johnson has been moved to intensive care

After being admitted to a London hospital the prime minister of the United Kingdom has been moved to an intensive care unit as his condition worsens following his infection with the coronavirus.