Covid-19 Infected Public Figures

Politics • European
Belgian prince Joachim tests positive for Covid-19 after attending party

After travelling to Córdoba in Spain and attending a party with 27 people, Prince Joachin of Belgium has been testes positive for Covid-19. By doing this he broke the government rules of spending 14 days in quarantine after arriving in Spain as well as the rule of social gathering not exceeding 15 guests.

Politics • American • South America
Uruguayan president Lacalle Pou in quarantine waiting for Covid-19 test results
Luis Lacalle Pou
Luis Lacalle Pou Credit: Alan Santos/PR (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0)

Lacalle Pou and other members of the government will remain isolated, after having been in contact with a person who tested positive of COVID-19

Politics • American • South America
Half of Chile senate members and four ministers in quarantine

Chilean offices said this Monday that around half of the Senate members and four state ministers have been placed in quarantine after coming into contact with at least three colleagues infected with Covid-19.
Last week, Chile's government imposed a total lockdown on the capital Santiago, which has recorded more than 80 percent of the country's total confirmed cases.

Politics • Asian • Russia
Spokesperson of Putin confirms that he has Covid-19

The spokesperson of the Russian president Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, has confirmed to Russian media that he is in treatment for the coronavirus. In the telephone call, he also stated that he hadn't seen the president in over a month.

Politics • American • US
Mike Pence won't self-quarantine and go back to White House this week

The spokesperson of the vice president, Devin O'Malley has announced that Mike Pence won't go into self-quarantine after his press secretary has been tested positive for the coronavirus. While the vice president plans on coming to the White House on Monday, his schedule will most likely not contain as many appointments as normal.

Anthony Fauci to self-quarantine

After multiple people in the Trump White House tested positive for Covid-19, Anthony Fauci alongside two other Covid-19 taskforce members have gone into self-quarantine. So far, they have been tested negative for Covid-19 and will continue to work remotely.

Politics • European • United Kingdom
Boris Johnson has been moved to intensive care

After being admitted to a London hospital the prime minister of the United Kingdom has been moved to an intensive care unit as his condition worsens following his infection with the coronavirus.