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Rio de Janeiro is delaying its annual Carnival parade for the first time in a century
Viradouro parade during the 2020 Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro
Viradouro parade during the 2020 Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro Credit: Raphael David | Riotur

Rio de Janeiro delayed its annual Carnival parade, that would take place in February 2021, as Brazil continues to face the Covid-19 pandemic. The League of Samba Schools (LIESA) announced that the spread of the coronavirus has made it impossible to safely hold the parades, and it is studying the possibility of holding the parade on another date.

Jorge Castanheira, the president of LIESA, said Thursday: "We only imagined the parade with a vaccine. Failing to get a vaccine or action plan that will guarantee safety for everyone by mid-September, it will be difficult to present in the current mold. After that, it may not be possible to present the carnival as it is known today. In today's condition it is ethically unlikely to have the parade."

Politics • American • Brazil
São Paulo city hall postpones 2021 Carnaval
São Paulo Samba School, 2020
São Paulo Samba School, 2020 Credit: Jose Cordeiro / SPTuris

The São Paulo Carnaval of 2021 was officially postponed. Bruno Covas (PSDB), mayor of São Paulo, made the announcement at a press conference at Palácio dos Bandeirantes on Friday.

Despite not having a new date confirmed, the event should happen from May of next year.