Yuriko Koike

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Tokyo’s first female governor gets re-elected for second term
Yuriko Koike in 2017
Yuriko Koike in 2017 Credit: 江戸村のとくぞう (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0)

According to exit polls, Yuriko Koike, Tokyo’s first female governor has been re-elected with 60 percent of the vote. Koike has stated that she wants "to manage an effective response to Covid-19" as the numbers have been over 100 new cases per day for the fourth day in a row and added that she'll do her "best with this second term". According to additional questions in the exit polls, Koike has gotten positive ratings for the fight of the Covid-19 pandemic in Tokyo as she pushed for stronger actions than the national government.

Japan to consider a 'simplified' Olympics in 2021
Japan to consider a 'simplified' Olympics in 2021
Credit: Kyle Dias

Yuriko Koike, Tokyo’s governor, stated it might be necessary to a organise a “simplified” Olympics in 2021 due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"We will move ahead with the items that should be streamlined and simplified,'' Koike said, without giving any additional details on the possible downsizing.

The Yomiuri newspaper reported that organisers are considering options as mandatory Covid-19 testing and having fewer spectators in the events.