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Disney+ reached 73.7 million paid subscribers
Disney+ Credit: The Walt Disney Company

Launched one year ago, Disney+ reached 73.7 million paid subscribers as of early October, a jump from the 60.5 million subscribers the service had on August 3. The numbers are part of The Walt Disney Company’s fourth-quarter earnings report released Thursday.

CEO Bob Chapek said, in a statement, that "The real bright spot has been our direct-to-consumer business, which is key to the future of our company, and on this anniversary of the launch of Disney+ we're pleased to report that, as of the end of the fourth quarter, the service had more than 73 million paid subscribers - far surpassing our expectations in just its first year."

Police arrests man camping at Walt Disney World's Discovery Island thinking it's a "tropical paradise"

The Orange County Sheriff's Office has reported that a man was arrested and taken into custody because he was camping at the Discovery Island in the Walt Disney World. The man has been charged with trespassing and misdemeanor and according to the police was planning on camping on the island for a week because it looked like a "tropical paradise".