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McConnell says he'd support Trump if he got 2024 Republican nomination
Trump and McConnell in 2019
Trump and McConnell in 2019 Credit: The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told Fox News' Bret Baier on Thursday that he would "absolutely" support Donald Trump if he became the "nominee of the party" in 2024. McConnell recently criticised the former President, saying his actions around the Capitol insurgence were "a disgraceful, disgraceful dereliction of duty." Trump responded by calling McConnell "a dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack."

"I'm pretty sure he will win the nomination," Utah Sen. Mitt Romney told The New York TimesTuesday. "I look at the polls and the polls show that, among the names being floated as potential contenders in 2024, if you put President Trump in there among Republicans, he wins in a landslide."

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Mitt Romney joins DC protestors
Screenshot of Mitt Romney's Tweet of the DC Protests
Screenshot of Mitt Romney's Tweet of the DC Protests Credit: Mitt Romney via Twitter

Mitt Romney, Utah senator and former Republican presidential candidate, joined a group of Christian protestors in D.C. on Sunday evening. In a picture posted to his Twitter, Romney can be seen wearing a mask and walking among protestors, with the caption "Black Lives Matter". He seems to be the first Republican to be publicly joining the protests following George Floyd's death.

On May 31, Romney took to Twitter to condemn the murder of Floyd, writing "The George Floyd murder is abhorrent. Peaceful protests underscore the urgency of addressing injustices," and adding "but violence drowns the message of the protestors and mocks the principles of justice."

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Senator Mitt Romney calls for $1000 emergency income for every American adult

In a press release, he said that "Every American adult should immediately receive $1,000 to help ensure families and workers can meet their short-term obligations and increase spending in the economy".