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Greg Laurie, pastor who attended White House Rose Garden event, tests positive for Covid-19

Greg Laurie, a pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California who attended last week's White House Rose Garden Event for Amy Coney Barrett, has tested positive for Covid-19. Laurie told CNB News that he learned of his infection over the weekend and that he was doing well.

Last week, Laurie also attended large prayer rally events in Washington, D.C. with Franklin Graham and Vice President Mike Pence.

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White House speaker compares Trump's church photo-op to Churchill's WWII leadership
Kayleigh McEnany addresses her remarks at a White House press briefing Friday, May 1, 2020,
Kayleigh McEnany addresses her remarks at a White House press briefing Friday, May 1, 2020, Credit: The White House from Washington, DC / Public domain

Kayleigh McEnany, White House press secretary, compared Donald Trump posing in front of St. John's Church with a bible to Churchill inspecting bombing damages during WWII in a press statement on Wednesday.

"Through all of time, we've seen presidents and leaders across the world who have had leadership moments and very powerful symbols that were important for a nation to see at any given time to show a message of resilience and determination. Like Churchill, we saw him inspecting the bombing damage, it sent a powerful message of leadership to the British people, and George W. Bush throwing out the ceremonial first pitch after 9/11.", she said and added: "And for this president it was powerful and important to send a message that the, rioters, the looters, the anarchists — they will not prevail — that burning churches are not what America is about. And that moment, holding the Bible up, is something that has been widely hailed by Franklin Graham and others, and it was a very important symbol to see that we will get through this, through unity and through faith."