Earl Cameron (actor)

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British actor Earl Cameron dies aged 102
British actor Earl Cameron dies aged 102
Credit: Peter J Dunn- in my role as Director of Press and Media at the University of Warwick / CC BY-SA (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0)

Earl Cameron has died at the age of 102 on Friday. His death was confirmed by his agent who said that Cameron "passed away peacefully at home surrounded by his wife and family."

Cameron was one of the first Black actors who achieved a prominent role in British film. After working in theatre, he made his film debut in Pool of London, a 1951 crime drama. He later appeared in movies such as Safari and Thunderball. Cameron also played the first black astronaut on screen in an episode of Doctor Who.

"When I arrived in London, I had no qualifications for anything. It was a period when it was almost impossible for a black person to get any kind of job," so Cameron in a 2018 interview.