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App Store rejects Basecamp's "HEY" updates, demands 15-30% of app's revenue
Screenshot of @dhh' Twitter Thread
Screenshot of @dhh' Twitter Thread Credit: @dhh via Twitter

In a series of tweets, Basecamp CTO David Heinemeier Hansson details the App Store's rejection of a bug fix update of Basecamp's new email service "HEY". According to Heinemeier Hansson, after a bug fix update was rejected, Apple has demanded that the company adds an in-app subscription and that it shares up to 30% of its revenue with Apple to prevent the app from being removed from the App Store. "HEY" is selling its $99 annual subscription on its website and is refusing to comply with the demand, with Heinemeier Hansson writing: "There is no chance in bloody hell that we're going to pay Apple's ransom. I will burn this house down myself, before I let gangsters like that spin it for spoils. This is profoundly, perversely abusive and unfair."