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Victoria "eliminates" coronavirus after recording 28 days with no new cases
Victoria "eliminates" coronavirus after recording 28 days with no new cases
Credit: Courtesy of Twitter / Daniel Andrews

It has been 28 days since Victoria, Australia last recorded a local case of COVID-19 - classified by epidemiologists as the virus being eliminated.

"That is something all Victorians should be fundamentally proud of," said Premier Daniel Andrews, after the state's residents endured 112 days of lockdown.

The state also has no local cases currently.

At the peak of its second wave in August, Victoria was recording up to 687 cases a day.

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NSW records five locally transmitted Covid-19 cases; 17 New Zealand travellers entered Melbourne despite state's lockdown

New South Wales reports seven new Covid-19 cases in the past 24 hours, five of which were locally transmitted.

Premier Daniel Andrews expressed frustration with the Australian Border Force and Kingsford Smith Airport during a press conference over a technicality that allowed 17 travellers from New Zealand to enter Victoria despite the state's lockdown. The identity of the travellers has yet to be determined.

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Melbourne lockdown extended by two weeks
Empty Swanston Street during Friday morning, Melbourne
Empty Swanston Street during Friday morning, Melbourne Credit: Philip Mallis from Melbourne / Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0)

Despite dropping daily numbers of COVID-19 infections, Melbourne will remain in a "Stage 4" lockdown until at least September 28.

“I apologise for the circumstances we find ourselves in; I apologise for the reality we find ourselves in,” Premier Daniel Andrews told reporters on Sunday. “Pretending it’s over because we want it to be, that is not something I will do.”

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Melbourne orders new 6-week-lockdown
Dan Andrews
Dan Andrews Credit: Video Reproduction

Melbourne is re-entering a 6-week-lockdown. The lockdown has been imposed on the Victorian capital and other Victorian towns as the Australian state sees a rising number of Covid-19 infections. Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews ordered people to stay at home except for work, medical treatment or school purposes. Essential businesses will remain open but are subjected to a density limit. Bars, cafés and restaurants have to return to delivery and takeaway. Private home visits are forbidden and public outings are limited to two people.