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Technology • Internet & Web
Facebook tests flagging satire articles because users don't recognize them
Facebook tests flagging satire articles because users don't recognize them
Credit: Courtesy of Facebook via Twitter

To help Facebook users better distinguish satire media from real news in the future, the social medium is now introducing a matching marker. Facebook announced the feature on Wednesday, rolling it out only in the U.S. for now.Satire, officials and fans

Posts that originate from officials, fan pages and satire pages will also be marked as such in the future. Some users seem to fall for contributions from satirical magazines like "The Onion" in particular, as they imitate the tone of real news media. Last year, such markings were already introduced for state-controlled media.

Reddit users face legal action for piracy of Onlyfans content
Reddit Logo
Reddit Logo Credit: Reddit

After copyright-protected content from Onlyfans was published for a long time without legal consequences on Reddit, a lawyer is now trying to take action against it.

On March 9, 2020, lawyer Jason Fischer sent a demand to Reddit to take content offline for copyright infringement. In it, the lawyer informed the platform that his client, erotic actress Natasha Noel, was the owner of the rights to various photo and video content posted on Onlyfans as well as other social media networks.

"Pursuant to the DMCA, we respectfully request that you execute the attached subpoena directing Reddit's records custodian to disclose the identities of its users," the attorney demands in the lawsuit. Reddit should turn over to the plaintiffs "any and all information" relating to the identities of the "individuals who posted the images and content" that previously appeared at the URLs listed in the lawsuit, he said.

Business • Entrepreneurship & Startups
70-million-euro investment for tutoring startup Go Student
70-million-euro investment for tutoring startup Go Student
Credit: Courtesy of Twitter

Founded in 2016 by Felix Ohswald (CEO) and Gregor Müller (COO) in Vienna, the start-up Go Student connects students and tutors on a virtual platform so that they can hold their tutoring sessions on computers, cell phones or tablet PCs. Especially in times of pandemics and homeschooling, the provider is getting a lot of interest - which in turn has now attracted new investors.

Go Student now announces that it has closed another investment round under the leadership of new investor Coatue together with existing partners Left Lane Capital and DN Capital. With a total investment of 70 million euros, Go Student says it is the best-funded start-up in the education sector in Europe. In the previous year, the Viennese company had already received a total investment of 13.3 million euros.

Regional News • Europe • France
Historian's Report: France Shares Responsibility for Genocide in Rwanda

France bears a "grave and overwhelming share of responsibility" for the genocide, says the 1,200-page report prepared by historian Vincent Duclert and 12 collaborators for the attention of Emmanuel Macron.

It says French authorities "failed" during the four years of escalation in Rwanda: they "strengthened" the corrupt, racist dictatorship in the capital, Kigali, and themselves pursued an "ethnicist" view of the conflict. Specifically, France had trained the Rwandan army - from whose circles the Hutu killers came - and supplied it with "considerable quantities of weapons and ammunition."

However, the Duclert report also states that France did not directly equip the murder gangs. Rather, Paris "did not understand" what was going on in Rwanda. There was therefore no actual complicity in the genocide. In short, the report, for which the authors had unrestricted access to the archives, including those of the Élysée Palace, concludes that there was joint responsibility, but not joint guilt.

Arts, Entertainment, Culture • Celebrities & Public Figures
Handwritten job application by Steve Jobs auctioned for 162,000 euros
Handwritten job application by Steve Jobs auctioned for 162,000 euros
Credit: Courtesy of Charterfields

British auction house Charterfields on Wednesday auctioned off a handwritten job application by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs from 1973, a single sheet of paper on which Jobs highlights his experience with "computers and calculators" - and which has now sold for a whopping 162,000 pounds.

Regional News • Europe • Austria
British Covid-19 mutation 90 percent prevalent in Vienna

According to the Agency for Health and Food Safety (Ages), the more infectious mutant recently accounted for 76 percent of positive tests nationwide. In Vienna, the proportion is already 90 percent. Vienna is also likely to have recently surpassed Tyrol in terms of new infections with the South African variant B.1.351.

Regional News • Asia
North Korea shuts down diplomatic relations with Malaysia
North Korea shuts down diplomatic relations with Malaysia
Credit: unsplash.com / Micha Brändli

North Korea breaks off diplomatic relations with Malaysia in protest of the extradition of a North Korean to the United States. North Korea's Foreign Ministry accuses the Malaysian government of committing a "shameful act and an unforgivable, serious crime." The North Korean involved was innocent, the statement released Friday by state media said.

Malaysia's highest court had ruled last week that a North Korean businessman living in the country could be extradited to the U.S., accusing him of banned exports of luxury items to North Korea and money laundering. North Korea is subject to tough international sanctions because of its nuclear weapons program.

Diversity & Inclusion
District court in japan rules ban of same-sex marriage unconstitutional

A district court in the northern Japanese city of Sapporo ruled on Wednesday that the state's refusal to legally recognize same-sex marriages was unconstitutional, according to media reports. Japan is the only country in the Group of Seven major industrialized nations (G7) that does not allow same-sex marriage.

Technology • Games
Fan solves problem with annoying loading times in "GTA Online" cutting them down by 70%
Fan solves problem with annoying loading times in "GTA Online" cutting them down by 70%
Credit: Courtesy of igta5

What the billion-dollar studio hasn't managed so far the user "tostercx" has succeeded in doing. Frustrated by the long time spent on the loading screen, he went in search of the cause and found it. He found two problems that massively delay the start of a game. Management of CPU threads was apparently a bottleneck, and the problem will be fixed with an official update.

Climate & Environment
Research: Europe experiences worst dry period in the last 2,100 years
Research: Europe experiences worst dry period in the last 2,100 years
Credit: unsplash.com / Bernard Hermant

Recent summers in Europe have been the driest in the past two millennia, according to a recent international study based on tree ring analysis. Using a specific method, the team led by Ulf Büntgen of the University of Cambridge succeeded in creating a massive dataset that traces hydroclimatic conditions in Central Europe from Roman times to the present.

For the work, published in the journal Nature Geoscience, Büntgen and his colleagues from the Czech Republic, Germany and Switzerland took more than 27,000 measurements on tree rings from 147 oak trees, covering a period of 2,100 years (75 B.C. to 2018). The samples came from historic wells, buildings, and pile dwellings, as well as from archaeological remains and shore sediments, and also from living trees from what is now the Czech Republic and parts of southeastern Bavaria.