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Quebec government cancels Christmas gatherings
Quebec government cancels Christmas gatherings
Credit: unsplash.com / Jamshed Khedri

Although the Quebec government was going to wait until December 11th, Legault broke the bad news early, saying that “With the numbers we have, it’s unrealistic to think we will be able to change the situation in time for Christmas." Red zones will not be able to have gatherings, while in yellow zones, ten people will be allowed to gather, in orange zones, six.

Daily New Coronavirus Cases are Going Down in Quebec and Ontario
Social distancing at a crossroad
Social distancing at a crossroad Credit: unsplash.com/Kate Trifo

In Canada’s two largest provinces by population, the number of new cases has been decreasing. Even in Quebec, where the number of coronavirus cases has exceeded the rest of the country combined, had only 120 new cases on Thursday, significantly below the average of 500-600 prior. There is no clear reason for this decrease.

Business • Economy
Air Canada to Lay off Half of its Workers

After grounding more than 200 planes and slashing 95% of its flight capacity due to the decrease in demand as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Canadian flag carrier is about to fire roughly 20,000 of its 39,000 employees. The layoffs, which will take place on the 7th of June, will affect a minimum of 19,000 staff and could go as high as 22,800.

Regional News • Europe
Second Hungarian Taken by Police for Writing on Facebook

Five policemen showed up at a man's home in the town of Gyula, Hungary, to take him in. The reason: he posted on Facebook about the 1170 beds that were emptied in the local hospital. This is the second time Orbán's "war on fake news" has resulted in action by the police since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic in Hungary, when the government bill giving the Prime Minister near-total power was passed, including a section that criminalizes the spread of misinformation about the virus. During the four hours of questioning at the local police precinct, the man kept asking for his lawyer until he got released but was left to get home on his own means, regardless of his physical disability.

Education • University Education
Major Canadian Universities are Likely to Start Fall Semesters Online

Many Canadian universities, including the University of British Columbia and McGill University and Montreal, have announced that they will start offering courses online. However, it has also been said that labs and other activities requiring in-person attendance will be held in smaller groups.