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Born in West Germany, moved to Berlin in 2012 to study "Kulturwissenschaft", began writing and performing spoken word texts in 2013, became a language teacher in 2018
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Regional News • Europe • Germany
Covid-19 deniers set off explosive device in Berlin

An explosive device detonated in Berlin's Invalidenstraße this weekend. Apparently, the attack was caused by opponents of the Corona measures in Germany. Nobody was injured, the investigations are ongoing.

Regional News • Europe • Germany
Potential right-wing terrorist detained in Poland
Representative image of police forces
Representative image of police forces Credit: unsplash.com / ev

According to the Polish counterintelligence agency ABW, a German man was arrested last week in Poland. The suspect apparently has a right-wing background and a history of online hate speech. He was charged with possession of weapons and explosives. A further investigation is underway.