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Politics • American • Brazil
Brazilian Senate to vote new law criminalising the usage of fake accounts in social networks
Brazilian Senate session
Brazilian Senate session Credit: Leopoldo Silva/Agência Senado

Brazil's Senate is going to vote today a new law to criminalise the usage of fake accounts and bots on social networks.
The proposal, presented by senator Alessandro Vieira and representatives Felipe Rigoni and Tabata Amaral, establishes that platforms face sanctions if they don’t provide transparent reports, do not label bots, or don’t highlight corrections coming from independent fact-checkers.
Expressing concerns about the proposal, Flávia Lefèvre, a counselor of the Brazilian internet steering committee, stated: “All counsellors are overly concerned with this proposal. It could compromise one of the principles that are in the decalogue of the internet and in article 14 of [Brazil’s internet bill of rights], which is the non-liability of the network provider. This is a principle that guarantees freedom of expression and prevents censorship”.

Politics • American • Brazil
Brazil House Speaker says he will decide on Bolsonaro's impeachment at 'appropriate time'
Interview with Rodrigo Maia (right)
Interview with Rodrigo Maia (right) Credit: UOL (Reproduction)

During an interview this Monday the speaker of Brazil's lower house of Congress, Rodrigo Maia, stated that he would decide whether to open impeachment proceedings against President Jair Bolsonaro at "the appropriate time." and "with care."

Politics • American • Brazil
Brazil: Police disperse anti-Bolsonaro protesters in São Paulo
Anti-Bolsonaro protesters
Anti-Bolsonaro protesters Credit: Pam Santos

São Paulo state police used tear gas to disperse hundreds of demonstrators in Brazil’s largest city on Sunday as groups protesting and supporting President Jair Bolsonaro neared a clash.
The demonstration by several hundred black-clad members was the largest anti-Bolsonaro street protest since the Covid-19 pandemic started and organised by fan clubs of soccer clubs Corinthians, São Paulo and Palmeiras.

Politics • American • South America
Chile close to 100,000 Covid-19 cases, more than 1,000 dead
Arturo Zúñiga, Undersecretary of Health, during a press conference
Arturo Zúñiga, Undersecretary of Health, during a press conference Credit: Ministry of Health (Twitter Reproduction)

The Chilean Ministry of Health announced Sunday the country reached 99,688 confirmed Covid-19 cases with a total death toll of 1,054.
According to the Ministry, only in May Chile had more than 83,000 new cases and 827 deaths.

Transportation • Air Transportation & Traffic, Flying
Embraer in talks for a $600 million financing
Embraer 190
Embraer 190 Credit: Antônio Milena/ Agência Brasil

Planemaker Embraer is negotiating to obtain $600 million in credit lines led by Brazil’s state development bank BNDES. According to Brazilian government sources the deal should be closed in June and Bradesco, Santander, Itaú, Citibank, Morgan Stanley and Natixis will also be involved in the financing.

Politics • American • Brazil
Brazil Covid-19 confirmed cases near 500,000, close to 29,000 deaths
Brazil's Health Ministry Press Conference
Brazil's Health Ministry Press Conference Credit: Júlio Nascimento/PR

Brazil's Health Ministry announced Saturday the country has now 499,440 confirmed cases of the virus and 28,834 deaths.

Politics • American • Brazil
Brazilian GDP shrinks 1.5% during first quarter

Brazilian GDP for the first quarter of 2020 fell 1.5% compared to the previous three months. This is the largest quarterly contraction since 2015.
As the country started social distancing measures only in the second half of March, analysts expect the full effect of the Covid-19 pandemic to appear on results for the second quarter of 2020.

Politics • American • Brazil
Brazil central bank chief worried credit not reaching companies
Roberto Campos Neto
Roberto Campos Neto Credit: José Cruz/Agência Brasil

Speaking in an online event Roberto Campos Neto said he is worried that, despite all measures taken by the Brazilian Government, money is not reaching to small and medium-sized companies.
Campos Neto said further measures to boost credit to that sector of the economy will be announced soon.

Politics • American • Brazil
Brazilian president criticise Supreme Court investigation of allies for alleged fake news
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Credit: Marcos Corrêa/PR

President Jair Bolsonaro stated on Thursday that a Brazil's Supreme Court investigation into a fake news network was actually aimed at silencing his social media support.
Brazil's Federal Police on Wednesday executed more than two dozen searches and seizure warrants in six states as part of an investigation into a network that allegedly spread defamatory fake news and threats against Supreme Court justices.

Arts, Entertainment, Culture • Music
Bolivian orchestra finally going home after months in Germany
Orquesta Experimental de Instrumentos Nativos
Orquesta Experimental de Instrumentos Nativos Credit: OEIN (Reproduction)

Musicians of the Orquesta Experimental de Instrumentos Nativos plan to go back to Bolivia after being stranded for about 80 days in the Rheinsberg Palace, a castle in Germany.
The orchestra had arrived in Germany on March 10 to perform at a music festival, but their three planned performances were cancelled in the days that followed, and as Bolivia's government announced it would close its borders, the orchestra scrambled to get home but failed.