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Politics • European • Spain
Madrid requests the "urgent" logistic intervention of the Army and the incorporation of 300 non-EU doctors

The Governing Council of the Community of Madrid has decided this Wednesday to ask the central Executive for the intervention of the Army in the region to help exercise the Covid-19 virus containment strategy.

Government spokesperson and vice-president, Ignacio Aguado, has stated that they "have decided to formally request from the Government of Spain in a meeting this Thursday urgent military logistical support for the installation of tents, testing and disinfection work in each of the basic health areas with restrictions in place".

Business • Economy
Spanish Supreme Court rules that riders for delivery companies are falsely self-employed
Spanish Supreme Court rules that riders for delivery companies are falsely self-employed
Credit: unsplash.com / Connor Houtman

The Spanish Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that the riders are wage earners and are therefore now working as falsely self-employed. "The relationship between a rider and Glovo is of a labor nature," says the note issued by the Supreme Court, which adds that the company "is not a mere intermediary in the hiring of services between stores and rider"

Politics • European • Spain
Spain: Prime Minister meets Madrid chief over joint Covid-19 measures
Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and Madrid regional premier Isabel Díaz Ayuso
Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and Madrid regional premier Isabel Díaz Ayuso Credit: La Moncloa

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez met Madrid regional premier Isabel Díaz Ayuso on Monday to coordinate measures against the spread of the new coronavirus, as the Madrid region has become the epicentre of the Covid-10 crisis in Spain, with more than one-third of all newly reported infections.

Sánchez stated that "Madrid needs a special plan."

The harshness of the second wave in the Community forces a change in the political climate, and the face-to-face between Pedro Sánchez and Isabel Díaz Ayuso signalled a thaw in months of frosty relations.

Politics • European
Police Arrest Six Suspects in Moria Fire

Greek police arrested six foreigners on Tuesday for the allegedly starting the fire that ravaged the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos.

The authorities' main hypothesis about the origin of the fire, which started on the night of Tuesday and Wednesday last week, is that the fire was started by a protest of refugees who refused to be detained after testing positive for Covid-19.

Business • Jobs & Careers
Spain: 75% of migrants are in elementary and precarious jobs, according to a Caritas report
Spain: 75% of migrants are in elementary and precarious jobs, according to a Caritas report
Credit: Caritas Spain

The Spanish Caritas has presented a report explaining that 94% of foreigners living in the country feel welcome, while 75% of them are employed in elementary and poorly paid jobs.

The Catholic organization has stressed the need to end the social and occupational segregation of this population, which is a burden for their complete inclusion. Following the report 42% of the foreign population has been in the country for at least 15 years.

Politics • American • South America
Spanish Foreign Minister announces support of Venezuelan elections if they are democratic
Minister Arancha Gonzalez Laya
Minister Arancha Gonzalez Laya Credit: International Trade Centre (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0)

Spanish Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzalez Laya has assured this Monday that she will support the Venezuelan elections if the requirements are met. "If there is space, however small, for elections to be held with democratic conditions, Spain will support it," she summarized in a press conference from the ministry's headquarters.

Transportation • Public, Railway & Bus Transportation
20 people injured in a bus crash in Spain as a horse runs onto the street

About 30 workers from the PSA Citröen plant in Vigo were on a bus, returning to their homes at the end of the working day when a horse walked onto the road. The bus driver tried to avoid hitting the horse without success. The vehicle overturned from the collision with the horse.

In total, twenty people were injured, including seven that had to be taken to the hospital.

Tour de France director tests positive for Covid-19
Christian Prudhomme - 2012 Tour de France
Christian Prudhomme - 2012 Tour de France Credit: Josh Hallett from Winter Haven, FL, USA / Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0)

Christian Prudhomme, the director of the Tour de France, has tested positive for Covid-19 and is self-isolating in a hotel room for a week of quarantine.

All 165 cyclists have tested negative for Covid-19.

Novak Djokovic disqualified from US Open after hitting a line judge

The number one ranked Tennis player in the world Novak Djokovic, has been disqualified from the US Open after hitting a line judge during the round of 16 match against Pablo Carreño Busta from Asturias, when the score was 6-5 in favor of the Spaniard.

After broken by his opponent in the last game of that first set, the Serbian turned and when he shot the ball towards the back wall, it accidentally hit the lineswoman standing at her spot, who immediately fell to the floor and had to be treated by the organization's medical services. Although Novak defended that there was no intention, as was clear, the has been given to Carreño.

Politics • European • Spain
Madrid will reopen hotel for homeless people with Covid-19
Representative image of a hotel room
Representative image of a hotel room Credit: unsplash.com / reisetopia

The Community of Madrid will reopen a hotel in the Las Tablas neighborhood where homeless people with mild covid-19 symptoms who have no housing resource to isolate themselves will stay.

These people will be referred by the municipal social services to stay in this hotel, with 120 beds, which will have health and social services personnel.