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Hi there, my name is Jakob. I am a 20 year old student. My interests include politics, travelling, and music.
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Pakistan's creative fight against continuing locust plague
Pakistan's creative fight against continuing locust plague
Credit: Binemarina (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0)

The locust plagues that have been terrorising East Africa, India, and Pakistan in the past few months have still not disappeared. The unusual amounts of precipitation have caused the insects to reproduce 400 times faster than normal. Many fear the plagues to continue as the monsoons seasons are beginning in Pakistan and India.

Since the swarms have already destroyed tens of thousands of hectares of agricultural land, farmers in Punjab, the most important agricultural region of Pakistan, received ten euro cents for every kilogram of locust. The collected insects were then turned into chicken feed. Since this solution helps both to compensate farmers for their lost income and to eradicate the plague, the Pakistani government is now planning to expand the programme to the entire country.

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Banksy door resurfaces in Italy
Fire door, Bataclan
Fire door, Bataclan Credit: Banksy

The Italian police have found a stolen artwork from the mysterious artist Banksy. The door, which was stolen last year from the Parisian venue Bataclan, was decorated with a mourning girl by the artist to commemorate the victims of the bloodbath caused by Islamic terrorists in 2015.

The artwork was retrieved in cooperation with the French police. The state of the piece and whether there are any suspects in the case is unknown at this point. Tomorrow, the Italian authorities will likely give more in a press conference.