We here at Pendect believe that news is made for the community by the community. Contribute to a news platform to help democratise journalism and create a place where everything is fact-checked and unbiased.

Finding news reporting that is unbiased, impartial and focussed on facts has been proven difficult in a journalistic climate in which political bias has become a selling point and minority voices are still being suppressed.

While we still see the value of lengthy opinion pieces and political leaning news coverage as a form of supporting one's own opinion, we find it crucial to have a platform that offers factual, unbiased as well as succinct summaries.

This is where Pendect comes into play. We chose to forgo the medium of articles in favour of short snippets - or TL;DRs - to break down all relevant information of an event into the length of a tweet or two.

We believe news is made by the people for the people, therefore we're introducing a community and civic-engagement based platform where everyone can contribute as a so-called Pentributor. Pentributors scour the internet for newsworthy information, summarise them as precisely as possible and publish them on Pendect.

Pendect follows a set of guidelines and standards to ensure content quality and impartiality on its platform

In order to avoid false, untruthful or fragmentary information, we designed guidelines to ensure the community’s standard of quality. Furthermore, each card is reviewed by at least two other Pentributors before being published.

Read up on our guidelines

Why should you become a Pentributor?

  • You want to be a part of a platform that aims to collect and archive fact-checked news to provide an accurate catalogue of events and happenings all over the world.

  • You want an independent platform that provides all sort of news and not only selected events that fit their demographics. By having Pentributors from all over the world, different communities and walks of life, Pendect is avoiding biased and unilateral reporting.

  • You believe people need to form their own opinions and want to help them have easy access to factual news reporting rather than biased opinion pieces.