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Microsoft enhances Teams with Together Mode, support up to 1,000 participants in a meeting
Microsoft Team's Together Mode
Microsoft Team's Together Mode Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft announced Wednesday new features to improve the Microsoft Teams experience and beat Zoom, including the new Together Mode and the support to up to 1,000 people in a call.

Together Mode, digitally place up to 50 participants in a shared background, so it emulates the experience of sitting in the same room while meeting remotely.

Microsoft Teams also support for up to 1,000 participants in meetings, soon allow up to 20,000 viewers in presentations and seminars.

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Zoom to bring end-to-end encryption to all users, including non-paying
Zoom to bring end-to-end encryption to all users, including non-paying
Credit: unsplash.com/Gabriel Benois

The video call and conferencing provider Zoom rolled back the decision to excluding encryption for free users. Zoom official announcement about the new release states: "This will enable us to offer E2EE as an advanced add-on feature for all of our users around the globe – free and paid."

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Zoom has censored pro-democracy activism in US after China requested it
Zoom logo
Zoom logo Credit: Zoom

The video call provider Zoom has announced that it complied with requests from the Chinese government to block meetings that commemorated the 1989 protests in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.

Three sessions had attendees from mainland China and were shut down. The company has stated that it lacks the technology to exclude users based on region and therefore ended the meetings altogether, later saying that it won't comply with requests from the Chinese government in the future if the people are not located in mainland China.

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Zoom acquires security startup Keybase to get end-to-end encryption expertise

Video communications company Zoom announced today is buying Keybase, makers of an end-to-end encrypted messaging and cloud storage system.

Zoom, in a press release, stated: "We are excited to integrate Keybase’s team into the Zoom family to help us build end-to-end encryption that can reach current Zoom scalability. "

The acquisition is the first one in Zoom's history.

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WeWork lays off staff via Zoom calls
WeWork lays off staff via Zoom calls
Credit: unsplash.com/@e_ambursley

WeWork, an office-space provider, has laid off more employees on Thursday after cutting thousands of jobs last year after the company's failed IPO. Affected departments include sales, business operations and product. The coworking company has been struggling to fill their offices with the Covid-19 lockdown and shelter-in-place-order.

London based employees were informed that WeWork would begin the 45-day consultation process required by UK law to lay off UK staff. A total number of recent lay offs has not been made public.

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Facebook launchs Message Rooms with support to up to 50 people on video chats
Rendering of Message Rooms on mobile devices
Rendering of Message Rooms on mobile devices Credit: Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Messenger Rooms, a tool for starting virtual hangouts with up to 50 people, without the need for users to have a Facebook account.

The account-free nature of Messenger Rooms would appear to be a direct response to Zoom, which has exploded to 300 million daily active users during the pandemic. Other video chat platforms like Skype have followed in Zoom’s footsteps, dropping account sign-up requirements and expanding the number of supported users.