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Study: Brain inflamation, psychoses and stroke linked to Covid-19 also with mild symptoms
Brain images from patients on the study
Brain images from patients on the study Credit: Reproduction

Scientist from UCL (University College London) published that mild Covid-19 disease can have serious consequences. Also for young patients who can hope for a milder course of the disease. A Covid-19 disease can cause consequential damages like nerve damage, brain infections, delirium, psychoses and strokes. Damage was also found in those who had already been cured. The study is published in the medical journal "Brain".

Engineers develop develop breathing aid that delivers oxygen without ventilator

The Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device has been developed together by engineers from Mercedes Formula One and the University College London as well as clinicians from the college. The approval for using it has already given by the respective authority the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency and the first devices have been delivered to the college and three other hospitals inside London. If the trials are successful Mercedes-AMG-HPP is prepared to produce up to 1,000 devices per day from next week on.