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Biden spokesperson announces that Amy Klobuchar is being vetted for running mate

A senior person from the Biden campaign has told CBS News that the vetting process for the presumptive democratic nominee Joe Biden has been started and multiple democratic politicians have agreed to it. The list includes Senator Amy Klobuchar and Senator Maggie Hassan. The process consists of a multi-week background check including voting records, relationships, public appearances and other information.

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Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and Ed Markey propose $2,000 a month for every US resident

Senators Kamala Harris of California, Bernie Sanders of Vermont, and Ed Markey of Massachusetts will introduce a bill aimed at establishing a rebate payment program that would deliver $2,000 to US residents including children until the Covid-19 pandemic has ended.
Harris said in a statement: "The coronavirus pandemic has caused millions to struggle to pay the bills or feed their families".

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Joe Biden denies allegations of sexual assault

The last contender for the presidential nomination of the democratic party for the US elections 2020, Joe Biden, has denied the allegations that he sexually assaulted a former staff assistant of his in 1993. In a TV interview on Friday, he publically stated that "I'm saying unequivocally: it never, never happened" and has asked for a search of the Senate archives to check if there is any written complaint record.

Senators announce: US will miss Covid-19 test goals

After a meeting with health officials, Republican Senator Rick Scott and other senators announced that "there won't be a million people to get a test by the end of the week". They claimed that the numbers will be way smaller, that the government is still sending out test kits and people need to be trained for their proper usage.

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Washington Post researches: Sanders changed opinion on contested convention since 2016

The Democratic presidential nominee contender and senator Bernie Sanders said during the Las Vegas debate that he opposes a contested convention where superdelegates weight in their votes. This stands in contrast to his standpoint in 2016 when he was facing Hillary Clinton for the nomination. Back then he said, " The responsibility that superdelegates have is to decide what is best for this country and what is best for the Democratic Party". Even if it would mean to override a pledged delegate majority.

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Ted Cruz voices criticism on Alabama vasectomy bill

Following the introduction of a bill that would make vasectomy mandatory for men under certain conditions, the Republican Texas senator Ted Cruz tweeted " Yikes. A government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take everything...literally!". Ted Cruz is known for his conservative stand towards abortions.