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Starbucks makes face masks mandatory for customers
Starbucks makes face masks mandatory for customers
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Starbucks announced that customer would be required to wear face masks when entering its U.S. based coffee shops, starting July 15. In a statement issued Thursday, the coffeehouse chain said it would enhance cleaning measures and ad additional precautions, such as taking their employees temperatures.

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Starbucks to pause social media advertising over hate speech
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Starbucks has announced to halt advertising on "all social media platforms", though the company is not joining the #StopHateForProfit boycott campaign. The coffeehouse chain further stated it would hold "discussions internally and with media partners and civil rights organizations to stop the spread of hate speech" but would continue to post on social media platforms without paid promotion.

"We believe in bringing communities together, both in person and online, and we stand against hate speech," so the company in a statement on Sunday. "We believe more must be done to create welcoming and inclusive online communities, and we believe both business leaders and policy makers need to come together to affect real change."