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"The Michelle Obama Podcast" is coming to Spotify on July 29
"The Michelle Obama Podcast" is coming to Spotify on July 29
Credit: Spotify

Spotify has announced the launch of Michelle Obama's podcast "The Michelle Obama Podcast" which will premier on July 29.

"Hosted by Michelle Obama, the show will bring listeners the First Lady’s most candid, human, and personal conversations to show us what is possible when we dare to be vulnerable," so the statement on Spotify's Newsroom.

The podcast is produced by the Obamas' production company Higher Ground which produces exclusively for Spotify and will focus on women's health, relationships and other personal topics. Michelle Obama will be joined by several guests, including Dr Sharon Malone MD, Valerie Jarett and Conan O'Brien.

"My hope is that this series can be a place to explore meaningful topics together and sort through so many of the questions we’re all trying to answer in our own lives," so Michelle Obama about her new podcast. "Perhaps most of all, I hope this podcast will help listeners open up new conversations—and hard conversations—with the people who matter most to them. That’s how we can build more understanding and empathy for one another."

Post-lockdown surge in bicycle purchases
Post-lockdown surge in bicycle purchases
Credit: Ramoskaite

Bicycle stores are experiencing accelerated sales post-lockdown. Houston Urban Bicycle Gallery owner Eric Attayi says he had to hire new employees as demand for bikes has reached a new high. By May he has sold more bikes than in all of 2019. The bicycle shop Higher Ground Bike Company in Tallahassee reports sales have tripled, going from 30-40 sales a month to 130.

Meanwhile, Northern Ireland businesses have also seen an increase in e-bike purchases, with many family-owned shops working overtime to meet customer demand.