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Iconic San Siro stadium in Milan is a step closer to demolition
San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy photographed while empty.
San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy photographed while empty. Credit: Priscilla Jordão (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0)

According to Reuters, Italy's heritage authority has raised no objections to tearing down Milan's 1920s-era San Siro arena, removing a major obstacle to AC Milan and Inter Milan plans to replace it with a new 60,000-seater stadium.

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Twitter will test telling users their tweet replies may be offensive or hurtful language

Reuters reports Twitter will test, displaying users a prompt when they reply to a tweet using "offensive or hurtful language." This test is part of an effort to clean up conversations on the social media platform, the company said on Tuesday.
"We're trying to encourage people to rethink their behavior and rethink their language before posting because they often are in the heat of the moment and they might say something they regret,", said Sunita Saligram, Twitter's global head of site policy for trust and safety,

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Indonesia's largest e-commerce platform has been hacked - 91 million users compromised

The Indonesian e-commerce platform Tokopedia has announced that " that there had been an attempt to steal data from Tokopedia users". The cybercrime monitoring firm Under the Breach has shared that hackers are allegedly offering the user data of 91 million compromised user profiles for around "$5,000 on the Darknet". The company itself has told the news agency Reuters that all transactions and payment methods would be still secure.

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Shenzhen announces plans to ban sale and consumption of cat and dog meat

The new law will put into place starting on May 1st. Shenzhen will be the first city in the country to enact such ban and does so after the coronavirus pandemic was linked to the consumption of wildlife animals by scientists. The cities government sai, according to Reuters, that "Dogs and cats as pets have established a much closer relationship with humans than all other animals" and that consumption ban is a common practice in developed countries.