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LATAM Airlines files for U.S. Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
LATAM Airlines Airbus departing from John F. Kennedy International Airport
LATAM Airlines Airbus departing from John F. Kennedy International Airport Credit: Adam Moreira (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0)

Latin America's largest airline Latam Airlines says it is seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection due to a slump in travel worldwide sparked by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Latam said the bankruptcy filing has the support of the Cueto and Amaro families, as well as large shareholder Qatar Airways.

The company said it had about $1.3 billion in cash on hand and its affiliates in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay were not included in the Chapter 11 filing.

LATAM Airlines' Brazilian affiliates are in discussions with the Brazilian government about the next steps and financial support for operations in the country.

Transportation • Air Transportation & Traffic, Flying
Fired Qatar Airways employee billed $145,000 training costs
Qatar Airways airplane mid-flight
Qatar Airways airplane mid-flight Credit: Pexels/Sohel Patel

In a letter sent on May 7, Qatar Airways terminated one of their employees without notice, stating stating "We regret to inform you that your services with the company are no longer required," and charged him QAR529,000 ($145,000 or €135,000) for "the expenses undertaken by the company for providing the Commercial Pilot Training". Qatar Airlines has cut hundreds of employees during the Covid-19 pandemic, it's unclear whether other pilots were asked for compensation. Many trainee pilots are required to sign a training bond in which they agree to compensate the airline if they leave the company within a set period.