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Boris Johnson unveils £3 billion NHS funding plan in preparation for possible second Covid wave
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Credit: Number 10 (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0)

PM Boris Johnson unveiled £3 billion of funding for the NHS in England in preparation for a possible second Covid wave during winter. Further additional funds will also be directed towards Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Johnson pledged the increase of the daily Covid test capacity to at least half a million until late October.

The extra funding comes as the country is preparing for a winter that could possibly see a virus that's "more virulent" alongside "the usual annual winter pressures."

"We're making sure we're ready for winter and planning for the worst," Johnson said.

More than 170,000 volunteer for UK's National Health Service overnight

The wave of responses came within hours of the government's plea for an 'army' of 250,000 volunteers to support paid staff. They will help to deliver important supplies, transport patients and make phone calls to check on those isolated alone.