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Germany is already experiencing its second Covid-19 wave according to German doctor's union
Man with face mask, Bielefeld, Germany
Man with face mask, Bielefeld, Germany Credit: bennett tobias

Susanne Johna, the president of the German doctors union, warned that Germany is already facing a second Covid-19 wave. The daily confirmed cases in the country have increased in recent weeks, and the Marburger Bund warns that loose adherence to hygiene and social distancing rules could spur a widespread wave of new infections. 

In an interview to the Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper, Johna stated: "There is a danger that we will lose the successes that we have achieved in Germany so far in a combination of repression and longing for normality,".

According to the Robert Kock Institute, Germany had 879 new Covid-19 cases on Tuesday, August 4.